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Nonlinear graph fusion for multi-modal classification of Alzheimer's disease
Ngar Tong, Katherine Gray, Qinquan Gao, Liang Chen, Daniel Rueckert
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Expected 2015
Combinatorial biomarker enrichment strategies for MCI clinical trial design
Robin Wolz, Adam Schwartz, Katherine Gray, Peng Yu, DLG Hill
July, 2015
The path to regulatory qualification of low baseline hippocampal volume as a prognostic biomarker in clinical trials of p...
DLG Hill, Diane Stephenson, Suzanne Hendrix, Robin Wolz, Peng Yu, Chahin Pachai, Patricia Cole, Laurel Beckett, Robert Berman, Marina Boccardi, Luc Bracoud, Maria Carrillo, Mark Forrest Gordon, Giovanni Frisoni, Katherine Gray, James Hendrix, Kaori Ito, Jorge Jovicich, Paul Maguire, Richard Meibach, David Raunig, Alberto Redolfi, Mahesh Samtani, Joel Schaerer, Rachel Schindler, Joyce Suhy, Brian Willis, Gerald Novak
July, 2015
Robustness of automated hippocampal volumetry across accelerated and non-accelerated T1-weighted MRI
Katherine Gray, Luke Bruen, Nicola Hobbs, Robin Wolz, DLG Hill
July, 2015

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