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Service-enabling Legacy Applications for the GENIE Project

Sofia Panagiotidi, Jeremy Cohen, John Darlington, Marko Krznaric, Eleftheria Katsiri

Conference or Workshop Paper
All Hands Meeting 2006
September, 2006

We present work done within the Grid ENabled Integrated Earth system model (GENIE) pro ject to take the original, complex, tightly-coupled Fortran earth modeling application that has been developed by the GENIE team and enable it for execution within a component-based execution environment. Further we have aimed to show that by representing the application as a set of high-level Java Web Service components, execution and management of the application can be made much more flexible. We show how the application has been built into higher-level components and how these have been wrapped within the Java Web Service abstraction. We then look at how these components can be composed into workflows and executed within a Grid environment.

London e-Science Centre
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