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GENIE: Delivering e-Science to the Environmental Scientist

P Price, D.M. Edwards, B Cox, Marko Krznaric, Steven Newhouse, John Darlington

Conference or Workshop Paper
UK e-Science All Hands Meeting (AHM2003), September 2003, Nottingham, UK,
September, 2003
ISBN 1-9044-2511-9

The GENIE project aims to deliver a Grid-based, modular, distributed and scalable Earth System Model for long-term and paleo-climate studies to the environmental sciences community. In this paper we address the scientific problem of the vulnerability of the thermohaline circulation to the global climate, and describe our e-scientific solution using a Grid-based architecture involving Condor computational resources, web service oriented data management mechanisms and the employment of a web portal. We

find that the scientific results of our e-science efforts are useful to the environmental science community, and provide a means of fulfilling the longer-term aims of the GENIE project.

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