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Conducting Agile Negotiation Processes Involved in BPEL4WS Models On a Multi-Agent Platform

Li Guo (Ed.), Dave Robertson

Conference or Workshop Paper
China Association for Information Systems Conference 2005
November, 2005

With the increases of customer-driven business marketplace in the open environment (internet), a key requirement for this circumstance is building inter-operable e-Business processes for the emerging business models within different enterprise boundaries. Negotiation processes are at the core of the inter-operable e-Business. While research on negotiation is not new, the vast majority of the studies to date have been based on the multi-agent platform. However, it is very common that negotiation processes are interleaved with other business processes that are automated normally by a workflow system. Therefore, the inter-operability with other internal- and external- systems is critical in such case, which may require extra efforts on the integration issues.

In this paper, we propose an approach for building a workflow system with negotiation processes incorporating the BPEL4WS, a standard for building and managing web service based business processes, on a multi-agent platform in a pure distributed manner. By adapting our approach, negotiation process can be involved in the BPEL4WS process and deployed seamlessly. The existing work on negotiation based on multi-agent system also can be adapted directly with our approach.

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