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Enacting the Distributed BusinessWorkflows Using BPEL4WS on the Multi-Agent Platform

Li Guo, Dr. Dave Robertson, Dr. Yun-Heh Chen-Burger

Conference or Workshop Paper
The Third German conference on Multi-Agent System Technologies 2005
September, 2005

This paper describes the development of a distributed multi-agent

workflow enactment mechanism using the BPEL4WS[1] specification. It demonstrates that a multi-agent protocol (Lightweight Coordination Calculus (LCC)) can be used to interpret a BPEL4WS specification to enable distributed business workflow using web services composition on the multi-agent platform. The key difference between our system and other existing multi-agent based web services composition systems is that with our approach, a business process model(system requirement) can be adopted directly in the multi-agent system, thus reduce the effort on the validation and verification of the interaction protocol (system specification). This approach also provides us with a lightweight way of re-design of large component based systems.

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