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Changing Java programs

Susan Eisenbach, Chris Sadler

Conference or Workshop Paper
IEEE international conference on software maintenance (ICSM 2001), Florence, Italy
IEEE Computer Soc

The promises of object-orientation and distributed computing could be delivered if the software we needed were written in stone. But it isn't, it changes. The challenge of distributed object-oriented maintenance is to find a means of evolving software, which already has a distributed client base.

Working within this scenario, we observe how certain object-oriented language systems seek to support differing client requirements and service obligations. In particular, we examine how the Java Language Specification (JLS) facilitates the concept of binary compatibility, a useful property, but one that may introduce a class of clients who dare not re-compile! Following a suggestion in the new draft JLS, we describe our tool to manage distributed version control and we formulate some proposals for future developments.

Distributed Software Engineering
Compilation and Dynamic Linking
Software Maintenance
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