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A review of data placement optimisation for data-parallel component composition

Olav Beckmann, Thiyagalingam Jeyarajan, Paul Kelly

Conference or Workshop Paper
2nd international workshop on constructive methods for parallel programming, Pont de Lima, Portugal
Nova Science Publishers, Inc
ISBN 1-5903-3374-8

Constructive methods for parallel programming are characterised by the

composition of optimised, parallel software components. This paper concerns data

placement, a key cross-component optimisation for regular data-parallel programs.

This article is a survey of data placement optimisation techniques. The main contributions

are (1) a uniform terminology, which identifies analyses of the problem which

have proven fruitful, (2) a taxonomy of versions of the problem, distinguished by the

efficiency with which they can be solved, (3) a discussion of open problems, challenges

and opportunities for further progress in the area, and (4) a discussion of the signifi-

cance of these results for constructive methods in parallel programming. We observe,

in particular, the role of skeletons in restricting program graph structure to ensure that

optimisation is tractable.

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