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A distributed and probabilistic concurrent constraint programming language

Luca Bortolussi, Herbert Wiklicky

Conference or Workshop Paper
21st International Conference on Logic Programming, 2-5 October 2005, Sitges, Spain
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 3668
ISBN 978-3-540-29208-1
DOI 10.1007/11562931_13

We present a version of the CCP paradigm, which is both distributed and probabilistic. We consider networks with a fixed number of nodes, each of them possessing a local and independent constraint store. While locally the computations evolve asynchronously, following the usual rules of (probabilistic) CCP, the communications among different nodes are synchronous. There are channels, and through them different objects can be exchanged: constraints, agents and channel themselves. In addition, all this activities are embedded in a probabilistic scheme based on a discrete model of time, both locally and globally. Finally we enhance the language with the capability of performing an automatic remote synchronization of variables belonging to different constraint stores.

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