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Exploiting vector and heterogeneous systems

Peter Au, John Darlington, Moustafa Ghanem, Hing Wing To

Conference or Workshop Paper
Proceedings of PCW'96, the Fifth Parallel Computing Workshop, Kawasaki, Japan
November, 1996

Programming parallel systems is difficult especially when such systems incorporate heterogeneous components. This paper describes some approaches we are developing to cope effectively with various forms of heterogeneous parallel systems. The first part of the paper describes Fortran-90V, an extension of Fortran 90, which can support nested parallelism for expressing irregular problems more efficiently and naturally. This is especially suited to high-performance vector architectures, such as the Fujitsu VPP300. By compiling Fortran-90V to Fortran 90, the language is available for all parallel machines, provided the machines have Fortran 90 compilers.

The second part of the paper describes the latest development in SPP(X) which was introduced in PCW'95. SPP(X) is a language which can co-ordinating the activities of a heterogeneous system. Further by associating performance models with the operators of the language, it is possible to aid the resource allocation in a program written in SPP(X).

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