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Optimising component composition using indexed dependence metadata

Lee Howes, Anton Lokhmotov, Paul Kelly, A. J. Field

Conference or Workshop Paper
First International Workshop on New Frontiers in High-performance and Hardware-aware Computing (HipHaC)
November, 2008

This paper explores the use of dependence metadata for optimising composition in component-based parallel programs. The idea is for each component to carry additional information about how points in its iteration space map to memory locations associated with its input and output data structures. When two components are composed this information can be used to implement optimisations that would otherwise require expensive analysis of the components' code at the time of composition. This dependence metadata facilitates a number of cross-component optimisations – in this paper we focus on loop fusion and array contraction. We describe a prototype framework, based on the CLooG loop generator tool, that embodies these ideas and report experimental performance results for three non-trivial parallel benchmarks. Our results show execution time reductions of up to 50% using the proposed framework on an eight-core Intel Xeon system.

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