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Lexis EXam invigilation system

Mike Wyer, Susan Eisenbach

Conference or Workshop Paper
15th systems administration conference, San Diego, CA
December, 2001
USENIX Association

Computers have made their way into the classroom and lecture hall. Overhead projectors, blackboards, and whiteboards are being displaced by smartboards and computer based multimedia presentations. Students with laptops are a common sight and many courses have their lecture notes on the web. Students are studying programming, web-site design, computer graphics, and many other practical disciplines, yet these courses are still being assessed with traditional pen and paper examinations. When the Computing Department of Imperial College decided that their programming courses would be assessed with a computer-based paperless exam using our standard Linux[8] workstations, we were asked to make the labs secure enough to take an official exam. Here we present the issues and technologies involved in securing Linux for this purpose, and the software we developed to administer our examinations.

Distributed Software Engineering
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