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Expert system for automatic analysis of Facial Expression

Maja Pantic, Leon Rothkrantz

Journal Article
Image and Vision Computing Journal
Volume 18
Issue 11
August, 2000
Elsevier Science Bv
ISSN 0262-8856

This paper discusses our expert system called Integrated System for Facial Expression Recognition (ISFER), which performs recognition and emotional classification of human facial expression from a still full-face image. The system consists of two major parts. The first one is the ISFER Workbench, which forms a framework for hybrid facial feature detection. Multiple feature detection techniques are applied in parallel. The redundant information is used to define unambiguous face geometry containing no missing or highly inaccurate data. The second part of the system is its inference engine called HERCULES, which converts low level face geometry into high level facial actions, and then this into highest level weighted emotion labels.

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