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Fully automatic facial feature point detection using Gabor feature based boosted classifiers

Danijela Vukadinovic, Maja Pantic

Conference or Workshop Paper
IEEE Int'l Conf. on Systems, Man and Cybernetics 2005
October, 2005
ISBN 0-7803-9298-X

Locating facial feature points in images of faces is an important stage for numerous facial image interpretation tasks. In this paper we present a method for fully automatic detection of 20 facial feature points in images of expressionless faces using Gabor feature based boosted classifiers. The method adopts fast and robust face detection algorithm, which represents an adapted version of the original Viola-Jones face detector. The detected face region is then divided into 20 relevant regions of interest, each of which is examined further to predict the location of the facial feature points. The proposed facial feature point detection method uses individual feature patch templates to detect points in the relevant region of interest. These feature models are GentleBoost templates built from both gray level intensities and Gabor wavelet features. When tested on the Cohn-Kanade database, the method has achieved average recognition rates of 93%.

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