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Developing Portal-Portlets Using Enterprise JavaBeans for Grid Users

Xiaobo Yang , Asif Akram, Rob Allan

Poster at GCE 05: Grid Portals Workshop, held in conjunction with SC|05,
November, 2005
Distributed, Cluster and Grid Computing

A web based portal acting as a presentation layer to the Grid has a means that we can provide transparent access to Grid resources. Our previous experience in developing Grid portals has shown that there is a need to draw a clear high-level picture of the architecture. This architecture could be defined using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), which

enables a definate separation between the presentation, business logic and data layers. Additional benefits come with J2EE 1.4 which makes it possible to build up advanced service-based Grid portals by exposing stateless session beans as web services. In this paper, lessons learnt from our prototype portal/portlet development using EJBs are reported.

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