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Enabling Scientists through Workflow and Quality of Service

Stephen McGough, Asif Akram, David Colling, Li Guo, C Kotsokalis, Marko Krznaric, Paul Kyberd, Janusz Martyniak

Conference or Workshop Paper
2nd International Workshop on Distributed Cooperative Laboratories
April, 2007

There is a strong desire within scientific communities to Grid-enable

their experiments. This is fueled by the advantages of having remote (collaborative) access to instruments, computational resources and storage. In order to make the scientists experience as rewarding as possible two technologies need to be adopted into the Grid paradigm. Those of workflow, to allow the whole scientific process to be

automated, and Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure that this automation meets the scientists needs and expectations. In this paper we present an end-to-end workflow pipeline which takes a users design and automates the processes of workflow design, resource selections and reservation through to enacting the workflow on the Grid. Thus removing much of the complexity inherent within this process.

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