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Keeping control of reusable components

Susan Eisenbach, Chris Sadler, Dilek Kayhan

Conference or Workshop Paper
2nd international working conference on component deployment, e-science Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2004

Development and deployment via components offers the possibility of prolific software reuse. However, to achieve this potential in a component-rich environment, it is necessary to recognize that component deployment (and subsequent composition) is closer to a continual process than a one-off operation. This is due to the requirement that newly-evolved components need to replace their ancestors in a timely and efficient manner at the client deployment sites. Modern runtime systems which employ dynamic link-loading mechanisms can permit such dynamic evolution. We review the capabilities of several alternative runtime environments to establish some requirements for dynamic evolution. Then we describe a tool designed to support developers and administrators in the migration of component updates within the Microsoft .NET framework.

Distributed Software Engineering
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