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Nonrigid free-form registration using landmark-based statistical deformation models

Stefan Pszczolkowski, Luis Pizarro, Ricardo Guerrero Moreno, Daniel Rueckert

Conference or Workshop Paper
SPIE Medical Imaging
February, 2012
Volume 8314
DOI 10.1117/12.911441

In this paper, we propose an image registration algorithm named statistically-based FFD registration (SFFD). This registration method is a modification of a well-known free-form deformations (FFD) approach. Our framework dramatically reduces the number of parameters to optimise and only needs to perform a single-resolution optimisation to account for coarse and fine local displacements, in contrast to the multi-resolution strategy employed by the FFD-based registration. The proposed registration uses statistical deformation models (SDMs) as a priori knowledge to guide the alignment of a new subject to a common reference template. These SDMs account for the anatomical mean and variability across a population of subjects. We also propose that available anatomical landmark information can be encoded within the proposed SDM framework to enforce the alignment of certain anatomical structures. We present results in terms of fiducial localisation error, which illustrate the ability of the SDMs to encode landmark position information. We also show that our statistical registration algorithm can provide registration results comparable to the standard FFD-based approach at a much lower computational cost.

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