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Approaches to Polymorphism in Classical Sequent Calculus

Alexander Summers, Steffen van Bakel

Conference or Workshop Paper
ESOP 2006
March, 2006
Springer Verlag

X is a relatively new, untyped calculus, invented to give a Curry-Howard correspondence with Classical Implicative Sequent Calculus. It is already known to provide a very expressive language; embeddings have been defined of the lambda-calculus, Bloo and Rose's lambda-x, Parigot's lambda-mu and Curien and Herbelin's lambda-bar-mu-mu-tilde.

We investigate various notions of polymorphism in the context of the X-calculus. In particular, we examine the first class polymorphism of System F, and the shallow polymorphism of ML. We define analogous systems based on the X-calculus, and show that these are suitable for embedding the original calculi.

In the case of shallow polymorphism we obtain a more general calculus than ML. A type-assignment algorithm is defined for this system, which generalises Milner's W.

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