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Synthesis of decentralized and concurrent adaptors for correctly assembling distributed component-based systems

Marco Autili, Leonardo Mostarda

Journal Article
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science

Building a distributed system from third-party components introduces

a set of problems, mainly related to compatibility and

communication. Our existing approach to solve such problems is to

build a centralized adaptor which restricts the system's

behavior to exhibit only deadlock-free and desired

interactions. However, in a distributed environment such an

approach is not always suitable. In this paper we show how to

automatically generate a distributed adaptor for a set of

black-box components. First, by taking into account a specification

of the interaction behavior of each component, we synthesize a

behavioral model for a centralized glue adaptor. Second, from

the synthesized adaptor model and a specification of the desired

behavior that must be enforced, we generate one local adaptor

for each component. The local adaptors cooperatively behave as the

centralized one restricted with respect to the specified desired


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