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Working with WS-Resource properties, Part 2: Loose coupling of resource properties

Asif Akram

IBM developerWorks
February, 2007

In the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF), WS-Resources model a Web service's state by wrapping atomic or composite data types called WS-Resource properties. The WSRF specification supports dynamic insertion and deletion of a WS-Resource's resource properties at runtime. This tutorial, second in a three-part "Working with WS-Resource properties" series, shows techniques for the loose coupling of resource properties and resources using generic data types.

Extending the example developed in Part 1, this tutorial develops an example to compare different techniques for achieving loose coupling in a stateful Web service. In certain kinds of applications, it might not be possible to define the definite structure of the resource property elements. Generic data types can act as placeholders for any valid XML fragment, for which they are replaced at runtime. This tutorial shows the practical use of generic data types in the resource properties document to achieve loose coupling. built & maintained by Ashok Argent-Katwala.