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Working with WS-Resource properties, Part 3: Using WS-Addressing for resource referencing

Asif Akram

IBM developerWorks
March, 2007

This tutorial introduces the concept of WS-Addressing and its main components, then shows the practical use of WS-Addressing in the resource properties document to create linkages between WS-Resources.

The concept of a WS-Resource reference is similar to the entity relation in relational databases. It extends the concept of loose coupling of data discussed in Part 2. WS-Resources can be updated or replaced at runtime to capture the changing requirements of the application. Traditionally, generic data types are the placeholders for any valid XML fragments, which are replaced at runtime. Similarly, in this tutorial, XML data of the EndpointReference type is used to achieve loose coupling.

Extending the address-book example developed in parts 1 and 2, this tutorial implements composite data types as standalone WS-Resources managed by different instance services. built & maintained by Ashok Argent-Katwala.