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About this site

Re-using info from pubs

Several departmental sites re-use the information stored in pubs using our public API.

The site is built to be crawler-friendly, so if you want fast responses, please stick to Web standards. In particular, if you are going to get particular resources routinely, please cache them and send a If-Modified-Since header with the timestamp we gave you last time. This way, we can very quickly tell you that nothing has changed (with a 304: Not Modified).

Options for structured data (in order of increasing difficulty):

RSS Feeds
You can get the most recent information for the whole site, or particular sub-sections as RSS. Look for the blue feed logo in the top-right of the page.
The information we have that can be represented in BibTeX is available for each individual publication, linked from the individual page.
Note, it is not possible to put everything in this format, so take care.
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
This is the most flexible and complete option for extracting relevant data from the site
You can get the basic information about each individual publication, each author, or any page underneath /keywords/ as a JSON response.
Get the JSON version by either putting 'json' at the end of the relevant URI, or by sending an Accept header which prefers application/json to text/html
Note that within /keywords/ you can ask quite complex queries. For example:
By Ashok A-K and By Jeremy Bradley and tagged with AESOP
(By Susan Eisenbach or By Jeff Magee) and in the Books section
TSV (Tab Separated Values)
One or two consumers of data here have requested a direct data dump.
This is not the ideal form, as it exposes some of the internal identifiers that we don't guarantee to persist in the long-term. Please use one of the above methods if possible.

All we ask is that you link back to the source pages with a line like, (as used on Ashok's AESOP page):

Information from built & maintained by Ashok Argent-Katwala.