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Abstractions to Support Interactions between Self-Managed Cells

Alberto Schaeffer Filho, Emil Lupu

Conference or Workshop Paper
1st International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS)
June, 2007
Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Management of pervasive systems cannot rely on human intervention nor centralised decision-making functions due to their complex and intrinsically mobile nature. In previous work, we proposed the concept of a self-managed cell (SMC) as an architectural pattern for

building ubiquitous applications. A SMC consists of hardware and software components that form an autonomous administrative domain. SMCs may be realised at different scales, from body-area networks, to an entire room or larger settings. However, to scale to larger systems it is necessary for SMCs to collaborate with each other, to federate or compose in larger SMC structures. We describe here the main abstractions we have defined and explore future directions towards this goal.

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