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Declarative agent control

Antonis Kakas, Paolo Mancarella, Fariba Sadri, Kostas Stathis, Francesca Toni

Conference or Workshop Paper
5th workshop on computational logic in multi-agent systems (CLIMA V), 29 - 30 September 2004
September, 2004

In this work, we extend the architecture of agents (and robots) based upon fixed, one-size-fits-all cycles of operation, by providing a framework of declarative specification of agent control. Control is

given in terms of cycle theories, which define in a declarative way the possible alternative behaviours of agents, depending on the particular circumstances of the (perceived) external environment in which they are situated, on the internal state of the agents at the time of operation, and on the agents' behavioural profile. This form of control is adopted by the KGP model of agency and has been successfully implemented in the PROSOCS platform. We also show how, via cycle theories, we can formally verify properties of agents' behaviour, focusing on the concrete property of agents' interruptibility. Finally, we give some examples to show how different cycle theories give rise to different, heterogeneous agents' behaviours.

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