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Ballroom etiquette: a case study for norm-governed multi-agent systems

Dorian Gaertner, Keith Clark, Marek Sergot

Conference or Workshop Paper
Coordination, Organization, Institutions and Norms in Agent Systems
April, 2006
International Conference on Autonomous agents multi-agent systems

We present a case study which describes a ballroom as a social institution with autonomous dancer agents together with sets of norms and conventions that coordinate the behaviour of the participants. We provide a representation for the interaction protocols as finite state machines and a new way of formalising the associated norms in a logic programming language. Furthermore, we report on recent and ongoing work on an architecture for normative systems of this kind which allows agents to dynamically download interaction protocols and norms to guide their behaviour. Finally, we outline an alternative approach for representing the institutional state in a virtual, distributed fashion in the agents' private belief stores.

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