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Variety of behaviours through profiles in logic-based agents

Fariba Sadri, Francesca Toni

Book Chapter
Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems
Volume 3900
April, 2006
Springer Verlag
DOI 10.1007/11750734_12

In an earlier paper we presented a declarative approach for agent control. In that work we described how control can be specified in terms of cycle theories, which define declaratively the possible alternative behaviours of agents, depending on their internal state and (their perception of) the external environment in which they are situated. This form of control has been adopted for logic-based KGP agents. In this paper we show how using this form of control specification we can specify different profiles of agents, how they would vary the behaviour of agents and what advantages they have with respect to factors in the application and in the environment, such as time-criticality.

Logic & Artificial Intelligence
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