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Mr Alexis Petrounias

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Electronic Journal Article

SCHOOL: a Small Chorded Object-Oriented Language [PDF]
Sophia Drossopoulou, Alexis Petrounias, Alex Buckley, Susan Eisenbach
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
Volume 135, Issue 3, pp.37–47
March, 2006

Conference or Workshop Paper

Fairness for Chorded Languages [PDF]
Alexis Petrounias, Susan Eisenbach
May, 2009

PhD Thesis

On The Design of Chorded Languages [PDF]
Alexis Petrounias
Imperial College London
December, 2008

Department of Computing Technical Report

A Featherweight Model for Chorded Languages [PDF]
Alexis Petrounias, Sophia Drossopoulou, Susan Eisenbach
December, 2008

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