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Book Chapter

Automated formulation and solution of Markov modulated queues with geometric processes
Demetres D. Kouvatsos, David Thornley, Harf Zatschler, Peter G. Harrison
Traffic and performance engineering for heterogeneous networks
River Publishers, NY
March, 2009

Conference and Workshop Papers

Exploring accuracy and correctness in solution to matrix polynomial equations in queues [PDF]
David Thornley, Harf Zatschler
QEST 2006
August, 2006
Sojourn time distributions in modulated G-queues with batch processing [PDF] [GZipped Postscript]
Peter G. Harrison, Harf Zatschler
1st International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of Systems (QEST) 2004, University of Twente
August, 2004
Analysis and enhancement of network solutions using geometrically batched traffic [PDF] [GZipped Postscript]
David Thornley, Harf Zatschler
June, 2003
An automated formulation of queues with multiple geometric batch processes [PDF] [GZipped Postscript]
David Thornley, Harf Zatschler, Peter G. Harrison
June, 2003
A novel approximated joint activity transition structure in a tandem feedback unreliable server queue [PDF] [GZipped Postscript]
David Thornley, Harf Zatschler, Nigel Thomas
June, 2003
Approximate solution of a class of queueing networks with breakdowns [PDF]
Nigel Thomas, David Thornley, Harf Zatschler
European Simulation Multiconference, Nottingham
May, 2003
Geometrically batched networks [PDF] [GZipped Postscript]
Peter G. Harrison, David Thornley, Harf Zatschler
17th International Symposium On Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS 2002)
September, 2002

PhD Thesis

Steady-State and Response Time Analysis of Modulated Queues and Networks with Batches [PDF] [GZipped Postscript]
Harf Zatschler
University of London
July, 2004

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