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Mr Khilan Gudka

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Conference and Workshop Papers

Lock Inference in the Presence of Large Libraries [PDF]
Khilan Gudka, Tim Harris, Susan Eisenbach
Eurepean Conference for Object-Oriented Programming
June, 2012
Keep Off The Grass: Locking the Right Path for Atomicity [PDF]
David Cunningham, Khilan Gudka, Susan Eisenbach
Compiler Construction 2008
Volume 4959, pp.276–290
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
April, 2008

Position Paper

Fast Multi-Level Locks for Java: A Preliminary Performance Evaluation [PDF]
Khilan Gudka, Susan Eisenbach
EC^2 2010: Workshop on Exploiting Concurrency Efficiently and Correctly
July, 2010

PhD Thesis

Lock Inference for Java [PDF]
Khilan Gudka
Imperial College London
December, 2012

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