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Mr Matthew Sackman

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Conference and Workshop Papers

Safely Speaking in Tongues: Statically Checking Domain Specific Languages in Haskell [PDF]
Matthew Sackman, Susan Eisenbach
March, 2009
Softly safely spoken: Role playing for Session Types [PDF]
Elena Giachino, Matthew Sackman, Sophia Drossopoulou, Susan Eisenbach
March, 2009
On the Execution of Ambients [PDF]
Matthew Sackman, Susan Eisenbach
MTCoord 2007
May, 2007

Technical Reports

Errors for the Common Man: Hiding the unintelligable in Haskell [PDF]
Matthew Sackman, Susan Eisenbach
August, 2008
Session Types in Haskell: Updating Message Passing for the 21st Century [PDF]
Matthew Sackman, Susan Eisenbach
June, 2008

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