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Conference and Workshop Papers

Data Allocation Strategies for the Management of Quality of Service in Virtualised Storage Systems
Felipe Franciosi, William J. Knottenbelt
IEEE Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST 2011)
April, 2011
Data Placement And Migration Strategies For Virtualised Data Storage Systems [PDF]
Henry Bond, Nicholas J. Dingle, Felipe Franciosi, Peter G. Harrison, William J. Knottenbelt
23rd Annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference (ESM 2009)
September, 2009
Towards a QoS-aware Virtualised Storage System [PDF]
Felipe Franciosi, William J. Knottenbelt
UKPEW 2009
March, 2009

National Workshop Paper

Towards a QoS-aware Virtualised File System [PDF]
Felipe Franciosi, William J. Knottenbelt
UK Performance Engineering Workshop
June, 2009

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