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Electronic Journal Article

Tickling Java with a Feather [PDF]
Tristan Allwood, Susan Eisenbach
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science

Conference and Workshop Papers

High Coverage Testing of Haskell Programs [PDF]
Tristan Allwood, Cristian Cadar, Susan Eisenbach
International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis
June, 2011
Finding the needle: Stack Traces for GHC [PDF]
Tristan Allwood, Simon Peyton Jones, Susan Eisenbach
August, 2009
Strengthening the Zipper [PDF]
Tristan Allwood, Susan Eisenbach
LDTA 2009
CLASE: Cursor Library for A Structured Editor (Tool Demo) [PDF]
Tristan Allwood, Susan Eisenbach
Haskell Symposium '08

PhD Thesis

Finding the Lazy Programmer's Bugs [PDF]
Tristan Allwood
Imperial College London
January, 2011

Technical Report

CLASE: Cursor Library for A Structured Editor [PDF]
Tristan Allwood, Susan Eisenbach
May, 2008

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