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AutoMed: A BAV Data Integration System for Heterogeneous Data Sources

Michael Boyd, Sasivimol Kittivoravitkul, Charalambos Lazanitis, Peter McBrien, Nikolaos Rizopoulos

Conference or Workshop Paper
The 16th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Riga, Latvia
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 3084
June, 2004
ISBN 3-540-22151-4

This paper describes the AutoMed repository and some associated tools, which provide the first implementation of the both as view (BAV) approach to data integration. Apart from being a highly expressive data integration approach, BAV in additional provides a method to support a wide range of data modelling languages, and describes transformations between those data modelling languages. This paper documents how BAV has been implemented in the AutoMed repository, and how several practical problems in data integration between heterogeneous data sources have been solved. We illustrate the implementation with examples in the relational, ER, and semi-structured data models.

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