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View generation and optimisation in the AutoMed data integration framework

Peter McBrien, Ngar Tong, Alexandra Poulovassilis, Edgar Jasper

Conference or Workshop Paper
6th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems (DBIS'04), Riga, Latvia
June, 2004
Scientific Papers of the University of Latvia
Volume 972
University of Latvia
ISBN 9984-770-11-7
ISSN 1407-2157

This paper describes view generation and view optimisation in the AutoMed heterogeneous data integration framework. In AutoMed, schema integration is based on the use of reversible schema transformation sequences. We show how views can be generated from such sequences, for global-as-view (GAV), local-as-view (LAV) and GLAV query processing. We also present techniques for optimising these generated views, firstly by optimising the transformation sequences, and secondly by optimising the view definitions generated from them.

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