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On the Breathers of a1n Affine Toda Field Theory

Uli Harder, Alexander Iskandar, William McGhee

Journal Article
International Journal of Modern Physics A
Volume 10
Issue 13
May, 1995
World Scientific
DOI 10.1142/S0217751X95000917

Explicit constructions of a1n affine Toda field theory breather solutions are presented. Breathers arise either from two solitons of the same species or from solitons which are anti-species of each other. In the first case, breathers carry topological charges. These topological charges lie in the tensor product representation of the fundamental representations associated with the topological charges of the constituent solitons. In the second case, breathers have zero topological charge. The breather masses are, as expected, less than the sum of the masses of the constituent solitons.

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