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Component Deployment

Alan Dearle, Susan Eisenbach

Proceedings Edited
Component Deployment Third International Working Conference, CD 2005
November, 2005
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 3798
ISBN 978-3-540-30517-0

What do we do with components after they have been built? How do we deploy them into their execution environment? How can we evolve them once they have been deployed? While several tools exist to support deployment, the underlying principles are only beginning to emerge. Therefore, papers relating theory to practice are particularly welcome. CD 2005 brought together researchers and practitioners with the goal of developing a better understanding of how deployment takes place in the wider context. The CD 2005 Working Conference encompassed all issues related to component deployment, including:

  • adaptation, customisation, and repair
  • configuration languages and tools
  • component assembly and packaging
  • middleware interaction and support
  • accommodating legacy code
  • patterns for deployment
  • trust and security
  • dependability and survivability
  • contracts and service-level agreements
  • QoS-aware deployment
  • distribution formats and protocols
  • performance and quality issues
  • deployment in virtual organizations and computational grids
  • case studies and experience reports

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