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Component Based Agent Construction

Keith Clark, N Skarmeas

Journal Special Issue Article
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence Tools
Volume 11
Issue 1
March, 2002
World Scientific
ISSN 0218-2130

In this paper, an agent architecture is proposed that can be used to integrate pre-existing components that provide the domain dependent agent functionality. The key integrating feature of the agent is an active message board that is used for inter-component, hence intra-agent communication. The board is active because it automatically forwards messages to components, they do not have to poll the message board. It does this on the basis of message pattern functions that components place on the board using advertisement messages. These functions can contain component provided semantic tests on the content of the message, they can also communicate with any other component whilst they are being applied. In addition an agent management toolkit, called ALFA, is described which offers a set of agent management services. This toolkit consists of a number of servers for storing the code of the components and symbolic descriptions of what agents regarding their component makeup. A third server uses all this information to facilitate launching new agents. Two prototype systems are also presented where the presented infrastructure has been applied. The one involves an agent based system used to control the environmental conditions in a building and the second is an agent based network management application.

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