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The Deontic Component of Action Language nC+

Marek Sergot, Robert Craven

Conference or Workshop Paper
DEON 2006
July, 2006
Volume 4048
ISBN 3-540-35842-0
DOI 10.1007/11786849_19

The action language C+ of Giunchiglia, Lee, Lifschitz, McCain, and Turner is a formalism for specifying and reasoning about the effects of actions and the persistence ('inertia') of facts over time. An 'action description' in C+ defines a labelled transition system of a certain kind. nC+ (formerly known as (C+)++) is an extended form of C+ designed for representing normative and institutional aspects of (human or computer) societies. The deontic component of nC+ provides a means of specifying the permitted (acceptable, legal) states of a transition system and its permitted (acceptable, legal) transitions. We present this component of nC+, motivating its details with reference to some small illustrative examples.

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