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Distant Causation in C+

Robert Craven, Marek Sergot

Journal Special Issue Article
Studia Logica
Volume 79
Issue 1
February, 2005
DOI 10.1007/s11225-005-0495-8

The action language C+ of Giunchiglia, Lee, Lifschitz, McCain and Turner is a high-level, logical formalism for the representation of domains involving action and change. However, one cannot directly express relationships which hold between states more than one time-step distant, or even say that one action determines another at the next time. We present C+timed, a generalization of C+ which removes these limitations. As for C+, translations to the language of causal theories are given. We also define a new kind of transition system called a 'run system' to provide a graphical semantics. Finally, we show how domains involving prohibition and permission can be modelled, by incorporating the ideas of another extension of C+.

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