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Sun Grid Engine, a new scheduler for EGEE middleware

Goncalo Borges, Mario David, J Gomes, Carlos Fernandez, Javier Lopez Cacheiro, Pablo Rey Mayo, Alvaro Simon Garcia, Dave Kant, Keith Sephton

Conference or Workshop Paper
IBERGRID - Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference
May, 2007

The Enabling Grids for E-SciencE (EGEE) is the world's largest operating

grid infrastructure in place serving thousands of world wide multi-science

users with robust, reliable and secure grid services. In order to

integrate a large number of institutions, often with different setups

and configurations, the EGEE middleware, gLite, must cope with a broad

set of local requirements, such as the site Local Resource Management

System (LRMS). This paper presents the work developed to integrate

Sun Grid Engine (SGE), a Sun open source resource management software, with the EGEE middleware, allowing to increase the gLite offer, and easing the integration of new clusters in EGEE infrastructure.

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