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Simulation And Modelling Of RAID 0 System Performance

Francis Wan, Nicholas J. Dingle, William J. Knottenbelt, Abigail Lebrecht

Conference or Workshop Paper
22nd Annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference (ESM'08)
October, 2008

RAID systems are fundamental components of modern storage infrastructures. It is therefore important to model their performance effectively. This paper describes a simulation model which predicts the cumulative distribution function of I/O request response time in a RAID~0 system consisting of homogeneous zoned disk drives. The model is constructed in a bottom-up manner, starting by abstracting a single disk drive as an M/G/1 queue. This is then extended to model a RAID~0 system using a split-merge queueing network. Simulation results of I/O request response time for RAID~0 systems with various numbers of disks are computed and compared against device measurements.

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