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Font Decoration by Automatic Mesh Fitting

Cameron Browne

Conference or Workshop Paper
Raster Imaging and Digital Typography (RIDT'98)
Electronic Publishing, Artistic Imaging, and Digital Typography, R. D. Hersch, J. Andre and H. Brown (eds)
Volume 1375
June, 1998

Glorious Fonts, a new graphically-based font type, allow interesting effects to be applied to existing character sets. The difficulties of automating this process are examined in the context of applying Celtic knotwork designs to plain text characters. An analysis of knotwork construction techniques shows how complete designs may be described by an expanded tile set. This paper also presents an algorithm for automatically fitting a flexible mesh to arbitrary character outlines, based on a semi-regular distribution of internal points and their Delaunay triangulation. This mesh is of particular interest as it is composed of well-formed quadrilateral elements, with few supporting triangular elements, upon which the knotwork design may be realised.

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