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Functional Performance Specification with Stochastic Probes

Ashok Argent-Katwala, Jeremy T. Bradley

Conference or Workshop Paper
EPEW'06, 3rd European Performance Evaluation Workshop
June, 2006
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 4054
DOI 10.1007/11777830

In this paper, we introduce FPS, a mechanism to define performance measures for stochastic process algebra models. FPS is a functional performance specification language which describes passage-time, transient, steady-state and continuous state space performance questions. We present a generalisation of stochastic probes, a formalism-independent specification of behaviour in stochastic process algebra models. Stochastic probes select the performance-critical paths for which the measures are required; increasing their expressiveness in turn gives us greater expressive power to represent performance questions. We end by demonstrating these tools on an RSS syndication architecture of up to1.5 x 10^51 states.

Process Algebra
Stochastic Modelling
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