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A Unified Compilation Style Natural Deduction System for Modal, Substructural and Fuzzy Logics

Krysia Broda, Alessandra Russo, Dov Gabbay

Book Chapter
Discovering World with Fuzzy Logic: Perspectives and Approaches to Formalization of Human-consistent Logical Systems
Volume 57
November, 2000
ISBN 3-7908-1330-3

This book presents the state-of-the-art of the mathematics in fuzzy logic and some related topics as seen by prominent researchers in this area. It covers the most important areas such as the structure of truth values, consequence operation, fuzzy relations, functional representation, extensions to other areas of logic, as well as some critical expositions on the essence of membership degrees or fuzzy measures and t-norms. This volume contains many new results which are published for the first time.

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