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A General Approach to the Generation of Conceptual Model Transformations

Peter McBrien, Nikolaos Rizopoulos

Conference or Workshop Paper
The 17th Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE'05), Porto, Portugal
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 3520
June, 2005
ISBN 978-3-540-26095-0

In data integration, a Merge operator takes as input a pair of schemas in some conceptual modelling language, together with a set of correspondences between their constructs, and produces as an output a single integrated schema. In this paper we present a new approach to implementing the Merge operator that improves upon previous work by considering a wider range of correspondences between schema constructs and defining a generic and formal framework for the generation of schema transformations. This is used as a basis for deriving transformations over high level models. The approach is demonstrated in this paper to generate transformations for ER and relational models.

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