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The influence of inflow boundary conditions on intra left ventricle flow predictions

Q. Long, Robert Merrifield, Guang-Zhong Yang, P.J. Kilner, D.N. Firmin, X.Y. Xu

Journal Article
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
Volume 125
Issue 6
December, 2003

The combination of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers a promising tool that enables The prediction of blood flow patterns in subject-specific cardiovascular models. The influence of The model geometry on The accuracy of The simulation is well recognized. This paper addresses The impact of different boundary conditions on subject-specific simulations of left ventricular (LV) flow. A novel hybrid method for prescribing effective inflow boundary conditions in The mitral valve plane has been developed. The detailed quantitative results highlight The strengths as well as The potential pitfalls of The approach.

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