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Building Principles for a Quality of Information Specification for Sensor Information

Conference or Workshop Paper
12th Int'l Conf. on Information Fusion
July, 2009

In the highly heterogeneous environments of coalition operations, sharing sensor-originated informa-tion with desired quality characteristics is key to the effective execution of coalition tasks. A characterization of the quality of information (QoI) is useful in many con-texts and can be invaluable in making decisions such as trusting, managing, and using information in particular applications. However, the manner of representing the QoI is highly application-dependent. This leads to diver-gent QoI characterizations and manifestations hampering the effective and streamlined execution of coalition tasks. An application-agnostic QoI specification can provide consistency in the representation of information and its quality, and enable QoI-aware determinations across many different applications. In this paper, an application-agnostic QoI model which can be readily customized to the needs of specific applications is presented. Object-oriented modelling principles are leveraged to attain a QoI model that can be used in many different contexts.

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