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A Profitable Broker in a Volatile Utility Grid

Yash Patel, Stephen McGough, John Darlington

Journal Article
International Transactions on Systems Science and Applications
Volume 2
Issue 2
Xiaglow Research

Service-oriented Grid is quickly shaping towards a

utility market with players such as end-users, brokers and

service providers co-operatively working together. End-users

wish to use functionality of Grid services by paying the

minimum possible price or price confined within a specified

budget, brokers aim to maximize profit whilst satisfying enduser

needs and resisting the uncertainty that prevails within a

Grid and service providers aim to develop price models based

on end-user demands that will maximize their profit. We

develop a novel method for Grid brokers that aims at

maximizing profit whilst satisfying end-user needs with a

sufficient guarantee in a volatile utility Grid. We propose in

this paper an approach for generating constraint equations

describing the workflow, the Quality of Service (QoS)

requirements and the state of the Grid. This set of equations

may be solved using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

(MILP), which is the traditional method. We further develop

a 2-stage stochastic MILP which is capable of dealing with

the volatile nature of the Grid and obtaining cost bounds that

ensure that end-user cost is minimized or satisfied and

broker's profit is maximized with sufficient guarantee. These

bounds help brokers know beforehand whether the budget

limits of end-users can be satisfied and if not then obtain

appropriate future leases from service providers.

Experimental results confirm the efficacy of our approach.

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