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An End-to-end Workflow Pipeline for Large-scale Grid Computing

Stephen McGough, Jeremy Cohen, John Darlington, Eleftheria Katsiri, William Lee, Sofia Panagiotidi, Yash Patel

Journal Article
Journal of Grid Computing
Volume 3
Issues 3–4
DOI 10.1007/s10723-005-9014-4

In this paper we describe a service-based, software architecture that enables end-to-end, high-level workflow processing in a Grid environment consisting of many heterogeneous resources. Our architecture is essentially a pipeline that extends from the abstract application specification phase to the deployment and execution stages through to returning the results to the user. We envision a large-scale Grid environment that contains heterogeneous resources. Our architecture caters for flexible deployment, performance, reliability and charging for resource usage. These are addressed at the specification level as well as at the realisation (brokering) and execution levels. The proposed architecture is derived from previous work in LeSC that has produced the ICENI pipeline, and our experience with e-Science projects, such as GENIE, e-Protein and RealityGrid from which we derive a set of key requirements.

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