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Asynchronous techniques

Computation based on asynchronous iterative techniques

On 1 publication.

Computational Biology

Papers concerning bioinformatics, systems biology and synthetic biology

On 4 publications.

Information Search

Information search, retrieval and classification topics

On 2 publications.

Compilation and Dynamic Linking

On 18 publications.


On 14 publications.

Distinguished Projects

A distinguished undergraduate or MSc project

On 4 publications.

Fluid and ODE analysis

Modelling and analysis that uses fluid, differential equation, mean field or other continuum techniques.

On 39 publications.


On 7 publications.

Java Semantics

On 18 publications.

Language Design

new programming language features

On 32 publications.

Ownership Types

Type systems which characterize aliasing

On 5 publications.

Parallel and Disributed Computation

Computations that have been optimised for parallel and/or distributed environments

On 3 publications.

Performance Modelling and Analysis

A paper on performance modelling and analysis

On 63 publications.

Petri Nets

A paper containing models or discussion around Petri nets or stochastic Petri nets

On 5 publications.

Process Calculi

On 6 publications.

Process Algebra

On 47 publications.


Piece-wise solutions which may be simply combined to solve a larger system in terms of its components.

On 5 publications.

the Programmming Language Ada

On 4 publications.

Queueing theory

All things relating to queueing theory and analysis

On 13 publications.

Session Types

Session Types as a means of typing communication

On 2 publications.

Software Maintenance

On 9 publications.

Statistical analysis

On 17 publications.

Stochastic Modelling

On 101 publications.

Program Verification

On 6 publications.

Research groups


Analysis, Engineering, Simulation & Optimization of Performance

On 429 publications.

Computational Bioinformatics

On 1 publication.

Distributed Software Engineering

On 51 publications.

High Performance Informatics

On 3 publications.

Internet Centre

On 24 publications.

London e-Science Centre

On 10 publications.

Logic & Artificial Intelligence

On 5 publications.


Sound Languages Underpin Reliable Programming

On 106 publications.

Theory of Computational Systems

On 9 publications. built & maintained by Ashok Argent-Katwala.